Relocation guides

Relocation Guides

The graduate jobs market is damned competitive right now and many graduates have little choice other than to up sticks and move where the jobs are.

How scared you are at the idea of relocating will depend mainly on your own personality and how you feel about change in general, but we’re all wary of the unknown. Be prepared and you’ll make things much easier on yourself…

Past experience

Chances are many of you have already had a ‘practice run’ with relocation when you headed off to university. Although this may not feel like proper relocation – particularly if you still had your bedroom at home to return to – it doesn’t mean that moving away to attend uni isn’t great practice for a more substantial move. And you coped with that OK, right? Many of us see uni as the best days of our lives and this can be replicated in the future.

Don’t worry

We are a lucky generation as we have so many ways of staying in touch with loved ones outside of snail mail. In essence, don’t worry about losing touch with everyone because it is so easy to stay in the loop. When you do something big like relocate, you really do find out quite quickly who your true friends are.

A fresh start

There are so many benefits to moving to a completely new place. For a start, you’ll meet new people and be introduced to new attitudes, values and beliefs. Relocation can give you a massive opportunity to discover all sorts of interesting people in a totally new environment, which is very exciting.

Also, with relocation can come reinvention. Think about it, you could change your hair, wardrobe or even your name. You’re starting afresh, and although you don’t have to dye your hair purple and call yourself Florence, you should dare to try stuff even if it’s just a new hobby. Remember, you were brave enough to relocate in the first place so really make the most of the opportunity.

Be realistic

Moving away will always be tough, especially at the beginning, but if the going gets tough, don’t give up straight away. Have a bit of patience as settling in takes courage and is understandably stressful. Stick with it but stay adaptable, and keep positive and open-minded – remember you have courage and endurance to embrace the experiences your new life throws at you. They can make for great stories when you’re older, and can be incredibly character building.