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Flat Removals Specialists in London

Moving flat within London can certainly be very different than moving from a house, not to say that there will necessarily be less to move, but subject to the age, design, layout, floor in which the flat or apartment is on… it can make moving flats a lot trickier than first assumed as there are a number of contributing factors that have to be taken in to consideration.

For example when one of our flat removal specialists arrive to your property, they will not only asses your items to insure the best means to carry/transport them out of the building, as to be cautious and careful that no walls, ceilings… or door frames are scuffed, knocked or damaged during the process, as well as insuring to be just as considerate to your neighbours by being just as cautious when carrying your items through the communal areas, because in actual fact one of the biggest mistakes many flat removal companies make is exactly that – not to consider the neighbours, which can and usually does end up costing you the extra for repair.

Unsurprisingly the majority of flat/apartment owners have generally gone the more flatpack, ready to assemble furnishing route, and understandably so! And to be honest it does make flat removals that much easier, well you try carrying a solid wood dinning table up two flights of stairs negotiating with several bends and corners, it is generally not physically possible.

Whilst preparing a quote, following are a few of the many factors we take into account:

1. Quantity and the volume of goods

2. Nature of goods and property for Insurance purposes

3. The distance to be travelled

4. Any dismantling or re-assembly of furniture

5. Access points

6. Where we can park our vehicle

7. Any hoisting or removal required from the exterior

8. Completion / Sale or when you get keys to your property