Domestic Move

Domestic Move

Getting a quote from the White Horse Removals, we believe, is one of the most crucial aspects of our business. We offer a fixed price quote, where we undertake a full responsibility of moving your household goods to your destination address in the most suitable and appropriate manner.

Our quotes are not priced based upon the number of removal personnel or the time involved. The service the White Horse Removals provide allows you to rest while we handle all the logistics and resources to provide you the desired level of satisfaction.

Since the White Horse Removals move at least about 30 households every week, every client has their own expectations, their own household goods and no two houses are identical. Hence, its important for us to understand exactly what your requirements are, so that we can fulfil your needs and make you happy.

White Horse Removals may ask you for one of our very experienced surveyors free and no-obligation visit to your property. The main reason we ask you is because we want to be able to provide you the best possible solution which is not only cost effective but also appropriate in your given circumstances.

Whilst preparing a quote, following are a few of the many factors we take into account:

1. Quantity and the volume of goods

2. Nature of goods and property for Insurance purposes

3. The distance to be travelled

4. Any dismantling or re-assembly of furniture

5. Access points

6. Where we can park our vehicle

7. Any hoisting or removal required from the exterior

8. Completion / Sale or when you get keys to your property